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Save Our Local Shops

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These are just some of our fantastic local independent food shops whose businesses would be threatened by the construction of an out of centre, aggressive discounter supermarket, which would be 33% larger than Scotmid. The developers admit that town centre trade would fall by at least 3.3% but that is likely to be a conservative estimate. In the case of Findlay's butcher's and Williamson's fishmonger's there have been a butcher's shop and fishmonger's on those sites for over 100 years. Even if people only switch a small part of their spending away from the independents that can often be enough to make a business unviable as many traders are operating on very tight margins. These and other food shops form the core of our town centre, without which it would be reduced to a string of coffee shops, betting shops, hairdressers and charity shops. They all have their uses but without the independent food shops as well it would be impossible to sustain a viable and balanced retail centre, which is the heart of our community.